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Many years ago I was listening to one of the rock stars of reading, David Pearson. The name of his keynote address was:  “Research: The Best First Grade Literacy program” (or something like that).  I was awestruck with his charts and graphs, talking about teaching styles and reading programs.  After 3 hours of his mesmerizing presentation his conclusion based on his research was . . . “Read a lot . . . Write a lot . . . that is all that matters, even with students with learning differences.”


The problem is if you have a child with a learning difference, this is not as easy as it sounds.


Students with learning differences don’t always get the positive reinforcement from the act of reading.  Reading is hard for children with learning differences so they don’t want to read as often as their peers without learning differences.  They need more adult support to keep them motivated to read.  But the more they read and write, the better they will read and write . . . it is research based!


I have over 35 years of experience working in public schools. Ten years of that time was spent as a 5th and 3rd grade classroom teacher.  The remaining time has been spent as a Reading Specialist at Chandler Elementary School in Duxbury successfully meeting individual needs of my students.  I have my undergraduate degree in Elementary Education and a Masters of Education in Reading.  I have two Massachusetts State Certifications: Elementary K-8 and Reading Pre School to Adult.


I am a Massachusetts General Hospital Certified Orton Gillingham Reading Therapist.


I am a mother of four wonderful children and have raised a successful special needs child who is diagnosed with an autistic spectrum disorder.


Gillan Learning Center has been successfully in business for over 5 years.


Each client of Gillan Learning Center will have lessons planned by myself using my knowledge of curriculum, instruction, evaluation, and student behavior. After individual sessions, clients will receive a report with learning outcomes and data collection on targeted skills.



Gillan Learning Center Mission

To provide developmentally appropriate, individualized instruction to students aged 4-14 using learning systems that are research based and proven effective. Individual student success will be accomplished through direct multisensory instruction, active student involvement, expert evaluation, and direct communication/collaboration with families.