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Literacy Assessments - Includes:

• Thirty-minute consultation before assessment.

• Assessment of your child’s literacy skills using nationally normed tests.

• Detailed written reports within two weeks of assessment completion.

• Recommendations and next steps included in report.

• One-hour consultation after assessment.


Plan to Win

Individual planning and organizational strategies instruction to improve executive functioning for students in grades 6-12


• Color coded visual strategies

• Collaborate with school process and contexts

• Generalize learning

• Structure thinking

• Problem solving



Ready to Read = Ready to Succeed

The mission of Ready To Read = Ready to Succeed is to deliver differentiated reading instruction that meets the needs of each child within a group of 2-4 children ages 4-6.


Ready To Read = Ready To Succeed will provide developmentally activities
in the following literacy areas:


Using developmentally appropriate literature, students will also develop exceptional vocabulary and comprehension skills.


Those student whose phonological and phonemic skills are already well developed will receive differentiated instruction at their skill level within the group.



Individual Instruction

Individual Literacy and Math instruction for Grades Preschool-Adult


Students literacy and/or math skills will be evaluated before instruction begins. Goals and objectives will be developed and implemented individually. Families and Mrs. Gillan will agree upon how often each week, how many weeks, and goals and objectives based upon student need.