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Executive Function - It is an Art and a Science


At all levels of schooling and in their personal and professional lives later, individuals need to utilize a host of skills that cut across domains. These master skills, known as Executive Functions, allow us to plan and to organize; to take initiative, to focus and to follow through; and, in general, to function well in a wide variety of situations. Through our Plan To Win Program at Gillan Learning Center, we teach secondary students to:



Organization and Study Skills


Effective study skills come naturally to some students, but many others do not know how to meet the expectations of teachers. At Gillan Learning Center we instruct secondary students to use specific techniques to:







"We have been working with Alice for several years now. Her dedication, professionalism, and qualifications are exemplary. She fosters a collaborative, 'can do' spirit and vibe. Moreover, we are all pleased with the outcomes."


Cathy Foley, Scituate – Plan To Win Student

Plan To Win

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Plan to Win